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I want to learn as much as possible during my time on earth.

There are so many perspectives to be explored and I want to experience

as many different sensations as possible to move myself one step

closer to the bigger picture of ultimate reality.” 

- Shalin


Shalin felt that creative play and exploration are core elements for happiness and learning. His desire was to spread this thirst for creative exploration to children far and wide. Creativity Crates are activity kits full of fun activities and stories that will inspire young children to be creative and learn by engaging their minds and peaking their curiosity. These crates will help children become more holistic individuals by sparking their interests and imagination in various subjects.


The Creativity Crates will include fun-filled stories featuring the wild adventures of Shalin the Moose, a character based on Shalin's trademark moose drawing. Children be so excited to open their kits each month and embark on exciting adventures with Shalin the Moose!


Through the various activities included each month, Creativity Crates will teach children the critical values of limitless imagination, self-confidence through creative self expression, appreciation for nature, and the highly important values of compassion and helping others to become great global citizens.


Creativity Crates are recommended for children ages 3 to 7 years old.


For every Creativity Crate purchased, a Creativity Crate will be donated to an

underpriviledged family and child in the United States or India.




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