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Monte Vista Elementary School

"Giving to others is an act of spreading love" - Shalin Shah  ​ On June 27, 2019, Shalin's family volunteered at the Monte Vista Elementary School in Santa Ana, CA. This elementary school is one of the most underprivileged schools in Orange County, where a third of the students live in shared housing. The school's principal, Meg Greene, was eager and willing to support all volunteering efforts to help the students. Shalin's family started early in the morning and completed two volunteering projects to help the students. These projects are listed below: 

Motivational quote wall: Posted in a busy hallway at the school is a list of Shalin's motivational quotes for the students to read. 

Vegetable Planters: Used for teaching students about fresh produce and gardening, Shalin's family built planters filled with tomato and chili plants. 

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