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What exactly do you value about life?

I value the ability to reason, to think, to perceive, to love, to wonder,

to be awestruck, to be fully engaged, to reminisce and to

experience the beautiful world around me.

- Shalin


Happiness Workshops are half-day interactive workshops on how to achieve true sustainable happiness in your personal, professional and spiritual life inspired by Shalin’s writings and philosophy. During the workshop, you will learn how having a masterful mind leads to true happiness, partake in creative activities to identify your core values and desires and create your personal path towards happiness.


The workshop is taught by Shalin’s uncle Vyomesh "VJ" Joshi.





Personal Enlightenment
Service and Helping Others
Appreciation for Life and Nature




9 AM - Noon: Leadership Lecture

Noon - 1 PM: Lunch

1 - 2 PM: Personal Enlightenment Workshop 

2 - 4 PM: Journaling & Painting

4 - 5 PM: Reflection Circle

5 - 6 PM: Yoga in the Park

6 - 7 PM: Sunset Hike

7 - 9 PM: Dinner




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