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"Life Principles"

by Shalin Shah













"Life Principles" is a coffee table book featuring Shalin's "Life Principles," written in 2010 by Shalin at the age of 18. 

His writings are published here and bound together with beautiful sunsets submitted from all over the world from the monumental #SunsetsForShalin campaign.



All proceeds support the various projects of the Shalin Happiness Foundation.














Do you have a breathtaking sunset to share with the world? Be a part of Shalin's great legacy by submitting your favorite sunset photo to be published in a coffee table book with Shalin’s writings on gratitude and the beauty of life. If you are interested in submitting your sunset photo and moment of gratitude, please see the instructions below. Thank you for sharing your beautiful moment with the world and for your help in fostering Shalin's great legacy!


How to Submit Photos:

  1. Send your most breathtaking high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) sunset photos in JPEG or PNG format to Professionally taken photos are especially welcome.

  2. Provide your (1) name, (2) country of residence OR where the photo was taken. We want to give you credit for your photos!

  3. State in your message that you give The Shalin Happiness Foundation permission to use the photos in our publications, on our site, in social media, and through other marketing platforms. (See Fine Print below)


  4. “I, First Name Last Name, have read and understood the submission terms and conditions and give my permission to The Shalin Happiness Foundation to use my photo(s) accordingly.”

  5. We would love to hear about your moment of gratitude! If you are open to sharing, please include with your photo submission what you were grateful for when you were watching the submitted sunset. Thanks for sharing your photos with us and with the world. We’re thrilled to have your photo in our collection!

Fine Print:

  • You will retain all rights to any photograph you submit—including ownership, if applicable—other than those rights licensed in the next sentence.

  • By submitting your photo to, you hereby grant to The Shalin Happiness Foundation (i) a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute, print, publicly display on our site, social media and other digital platforms the photographs you submit to The Shalin Happiness Foundation and (ii) the right to use your name, city, state and country of residence in promotions and other publications.

  • We'll use as many of photos from as wide a range of submissions as we can, and we'll credit the appropriate individuals as the source of the photos wherever we can. We cannot, however, promise to (1) use every photo submitted, (2) use photo(s) from every person that submits them, or (3) provide credits every time we use submitted photos. We do, however, promise to do our best in all of these areas.

  • If your picture isn't chosen for this publication, don't worry! We may use it in the future.

Photo Submission
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